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Hit the Road: The Ultimate Motorcycle Camping Guide

Updated: Jan 16, 2023


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Riding into the wild


Rebel campers, unite! Tired of your mundane camping routine? Do you want to live a wild life? Good news: Tents and motorcycles are definitely match made in heaven! The entire globe is your campground if you have the right equipment and a sense of adventure. Along with this post, we're giving you fool-proof tips on motorcycle camping. Let’s pack minimally, cruise swiftly and sleep wherever your wheels will take you!

Campsites Suggestion

It's imperative to take into account elements like accessibility, facilities, and the availability of camping spots when it comes to camping during a motorbike journey. Here are some recommendations for motorcycle campsites in Malaysia:

Hammocks By The River (Hulu Langat, Selangor)

Located in Hulu Langat, Selangor, Hammocks By The River is a tranquil area to camp. With its lush foliage and neighbouring river's flowing sound, it gives a peaceful environment for visitors. Hammocks are also available to unwind in while they read or take in the scenery. It's a well-liked location for picnics and outdoor recreation and a fantastic choice for a day trip or weekend break.

Gibbons Retreat Bentong (Bentong, Pahang)

Gibbons Retreat Bentong is a nature retreat where guests can see gibbons in their natural environment and engage in activities including hiking, bird watching, and jungle trekking. It is located in Bentong, Pahang. The resort is surrounded by stunning rainforest and provides all the camping equipment for all visitors. Thus, this place is perfect for those who doesn't want to pack a lot of stuffs with them.

TWCampstay @ Terengganu (Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu)

In Kuala Terengganu, there is a camping area called TWCamping @ Terengganu that is close to the beach and encircled by lush vegetation. The rustic vibe given from this camp allows campers to feel chilled out. Provided amenities here include restrooms, showers, and BBQ pits. It's the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who want to camp comfortably while taking in Terengganu's natural beauty.

Secret Place Café & Camping (Kudat, Sabah)

The isolated and gorgeous Secret Place Cafe & Camping is definitely a hidden gem in Kudat, Sabah. It also offers a café that serves delectable cuisine and beverages, giving guests a cozy and tranquil spot to rest and refuel. As it is a hidden spot located by the beach, campers can lounge around here while swimming or playing in the sand. Oh, and did we mention that this site has a beautiful sunset to look out for?

Kiya Campsite (Sapit Village, Sarawak)

A campground known as KIYA Campsite is situated in Sapit Village, Sarawak. It is about a two-hour drive from Kuching and is located on a hilltop at a height of around 1,000 metres above sea level. It's a fantastic location for individuals who enjoy being outside and wish to camp in peace while taking in the natural beauty of a remote location. For travelers seeking a vacation close to Kuching, it offers a stunning panoramic view from "above the clouds" especially during mornings or sunsets.

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This could be YOU!

Gear and Equipment

When it comes to gear and equipment for motorcycle camping, it's important to consider factors such as functionality, durability, and ease of transport. Here are a few suggestions for essential gear and equipment for motorcycle camping:

Essential gear for motorcycle camping

  • For road safety, motorcycle-specific clothing such a helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots are a necessity. A good helmet should be SIRIM approved, and it should fit snugly and comfortably.

  • To fit all of your necessities and make your gear convenient to access while travelling, panniers or bags are required for storing your camping supplies and food.

  • The fundamental camping necessities that will give you a cosy spot to sleep at night include a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.

  • Cooking when camping requires a camping stove and cooking equipment.

  • For unforeseen circumstances and emergencies, a first-aid kit and a flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries are vital.

  • Wearing rain gear is essential for staying dry, comfortable, and warm during rainy and chilly weather.

Weight, balance, and ease of access are crucial considerations when it comes to preparing for a motorbike camping trip. Here are some ideas for packing advice and motorcycle luggage for your upcoming camping trip:

Motorcycle luggage and packing tips

  • Picking the proper bags or panniers: It's critical to select bags or panniers that are specifically made for motorbikes because they must survive road vibrations and exposure to the elements. Soft bags are more adaptable and convenient to pack, whereas hard bags typically last longer. To increase their capacity for storage, some riders decide to utilise a mix of hard and soft bags.

  • Packing and organizing your gear: It's crucial for your safety and for keeping control of your motorcycle to pack your gear such that it is balanced and secure on the motorcycle. Additionally, it's crucial to make sure you always have quick and simple access to all of your equipment. Some riders categorize their stuff and make it accessible by using compression bags, dry bags, or packing cubes.

  • Avoid overpacking: Loading your motorcycle too much might compromise its stability, handling, and general safety. It's vital to simply bring what you need and to pay attention to your motorcycle's weight and stability. It's wiser to bring fewer items and make plans to do washing or buy necessities en route.

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Campfire cuisine: Stew-ing up a storm

Cooking and Eating on the Road

Weight, shelf life, and simplicity of transport are essential considerations when choosing food for a motorbike camping trip. Here are some ideas for meals to pack for a motorbike camping trip:

  • Foods that are portable and non-perishable. (Example: Granola bars, potato chips and nuts.)

  • Meals that are pre-packaged and simple to cook. (Example: Instant noodles.)

  • Movable cooking utensils, a camping stove, and light-weight pots and pans.

  • A high-quality water bottle to guarantee that your water supply is secure.


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